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Manually Activating Fusion

  1. Ensure the Fusion Toolbar is in focus by checking your Title with INSERT+T. If not, press the keystroke CapsLock+CTRL+U to bring it into focus.
  2. Launch the Fusion menu by clicking on the Red Fusion Tab or using the keystroke ALT+F.
  3. Navigate down to the Manage license option and expand by pressing the RightArrow.
  4. Enter on Update Authorisation.
  5. In the Activation dialog box, choose Start Activation.
  6. Choose Enter Your Authorization Number Manually.
  7. Provide Sensory Solutions with your serial number and locking code. The locking code starts with 100-.
  8. The Authorisation Code and License Code will be generated and provided to you on email by our support team.
  9. On the email you receive from us, copy the Authorisation Code and the entire License Code up to the word “exclusive … no expiration date” by pressing CTRL+C.
  10. Press CTRL+V to paste your Activation License code into the edit box and then press ENTER.
  11. After you have successfully activated the software, choose Finish.