Sensory Solutions, based in South Africa, is a leading company with extensive expertise in addressing the needs of individuals who are visually impaired, including those who are blind or partially sighted. Specializing in Assistive Technology solutions, Sensory Solutions caters to diverse sectors, including individuals, schools, universities, and government departments, with a primary focus on enhancing accessibility for the visually impaired.

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Our History

Established as pioneers in the field of Assistive Technology, Sensory Solutions has been at the forefront, offering world-class products, often as exclusive distributors. In 2004, the company undertook a significant multi-million Rand project in South Africa, equipping 21 Special Schools for the visually impaired. Each school received comprehensive hardware and software solutions tailored for blind and partially sighted learners. The extensive experience gained through such projects, along with involvement in establishing Disability Units in universities across the country, positions Sensory Solutions as a source of relevant and professional advice.

As a socially responsible employer, Sensory Solutions actively promotes diversity by hiring individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities.

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Our Vision

Sensory Solutions envisions a world where individuals and institutions are empowered with the best Assistive Technology solutions. The company is dedicated to advising, designing, and implementing solutions that enhance accessibility in various environments. As approved African distributors for a wide range of Assistive Technology products, carefully selected for their suitability in the African context, Sensory Solutions stands as a trusted partner in making environments more inclusive.

Being exclusive and preferred dealerships for some of the world’s leading Assistive Technology manufacturers, Sensory Solutions aligns its mission and ethos with the empowerment of fellow human beings. The company is committed to leveling the playing field, making a positive difference in the lives of those with visual impairments.

Key Features

  1. Exclusive Distributors: Sensory Solutions serves as exclusive distributors for leading Assistive Technology products.
  2. Extensive Project Experience: With a successful track record, the company has equipped schools and universities with tailored solutions for visually impaired learners.
  3. Social Responsibility: Sensory Solutions actively employs individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities.
  4. Inclusive Vision: The company’s vision revolves around empowering individuals and institutions, making environments more accessible and inclusive.
  5. Global Partnerships: Sensory Solutions proudly holds exclusive and preferred dealerships with some of the world’s most renowned Assistive Technology manufacturers.

In conclusion, Sensory Solutions is dedicated to shaping a more inclusive future by providing cutting-edge Assistive Technology solutions and fostering diversity and empowerment in the workplace.