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Instructions for Using PDF Digital Signatures with JAWS

Information found on https://www.maryland.gov/.

Set Up

The first time you use a digital signature in a PDF, Adobe Reader will ask you to set one up. You should only need to do this setup process once.

1. CTRL K to open preferences.
2. Press S x 4 to signatures.
3. Press Tab 3 times to get to the 3rd “More” button.
4. Press Enter to open.
5. Press tab twice to “Add ID” button.
6. Press enter.
7. Press down arrow to “A New Digital ID I want to create now” radio button.
8. Press enter.
9. Press enter on pre-selected radio button “New PKCS#12 digitial ID file.
10. Enter your name etc… per the original email.
11. Hit enter.
12. Press Shift Tab twice to enter password field.
13. Type your password.
14. Press tab.
15. Retype your password.
16. Press enter.
17. Press ALT F4 to close dialogue.
18. Press tab to OK button in preferences dialogue.
19. Press enter.

Note: If you forget your password, there is no way to recover or reset it. You’ll need to set up a new Digital ID with a new password.


Once your Digital ID is set up, here’s how to sign PDF forms that have digital signature capability:

1. Make sure the rest of the form is complete and correct. Once you sign, you can’t make changes.
2. Activate the Signature field in the form.
3. Select your digital signature and activate the CONTINUE button. If you only have one signature in Adobe, it will be selected automatically and you only need to find and activate the CONTINUE button.
4. Enter your Digital ID password and activate the SIGN button.
5. Save the completed form under a new name. This is the signed version of the form you will email back to the DORS counselor.