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Help at your Finger Tips with JAWS

Often enough as JAWS users we get into a frenzy and in some cases we want to pull our hair out because we can’t seem to remember a particular keystroke to complete a specific action or perhaps we have an idea of the keystroke but don’t want to press it for fear of messing up. Well, hopefully the following keystrokes will help calm your nerves in the future.

JAWS has many helpful features incorporated into the software and is a case of just remembering a few keystrokes to help you along.

  1. INSERT+1 is a JAWS keyboard help feature that when switched on allows you to firstly explore the keyboard to identify where keys like PageUp, PageDown are located especially if it is a laptop and you are not familiar with the placement of these keys. Also if you press a JAWS keystroke like INSERT+T, the keystroke is spoken back to you along with a description of the function associated with that keystroke. Quite helpful if you heard about the keystroke and wanted to confirm its function before invoking it.
  2. INSERT+W brings up the virtual viewer window and includes useful Windows shortcut keys. The list displayed is in most cases specific to the focus of JAWS at that current moment. For example, if you are on the Desktop and you press INSERT+W, some of the keystrokes that will come up include,
  • To access an application menu bar, press ALT,
  • To exit an application, press ALT+F4 and many more.

If you are in Outlook and press INSERT+W, you are presented with keystrokes that include,

  • To reply to a message, use CONTROL+R,
  • To reply to all in a message, use CONTROL+SHIFT+R to name a few.
  1. INSERT+H will also bring up the virtual viewer however it will present you with a list of JAWS specific hot keys based on the current focus of JAWS. For example, if you are in Google Chrome and press INSERT+H, you will be presented with JAWS keystrokes that include,
  • Read the Address bar, INSERT+A
  • Display a list of links, INSERT+F7 among others.
  1. INSERT+F1 also brings up the virtual window and presents you with context sensitive help. This information is to help you understand the type of window you are focused in as well as navigation and reading tips.

Be sure to continuously check out our Facebook page for more tips as the next JAWS help feature will focus on FSReader which is a program that can be used to access the free DAISY training materials available. We will also enlighten you about the free training webinars design to help you get the most out of your software.