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Activating Fusion

To activate the license via an Internet connection you will need the 20-digit authorisation number which would have been provided on your license certificate.

  1. Once the software is launched a dialog box will appear on screen asking whether you want to activate your software license.
  2. Select the activate now button to start the activation process.
  3. In the Activation dialog box, choose Start Activation.
  4. Read the displayed message and use the arrow keys to select Internet (recommended), and press ENTER.
  5. If your 20-digit Authorization number is not automatically displayed, type it into the Authorization Number edit box. You can find your Authorization number in the license certificate provided to you on email.
  6. Press ENTER to continue. You will be asked to connect to the Internet if you have not already done so. You must establish an Internet connection before continuing with the activation.
  7. Select “Register later”. Registration is not required if Sensory Solutions is your service provider.
  8. Click or TAB to next and ENTER. Wait for a few seconds for a message to appear that activation was successful.
  9. Click or navigate with the TAB key to the “Finish” button and ENTER.

Installing Fusion