ZoomText is a software application offering magnification, colour contrast and pointer and cursor enhancements.

ZoomText comes in two versions – ZoomText Magnifier, which will enlarge and enhance everything on your computer screen with perfect clarity, making all of your applications easy to see and use; and ZoomText Magnifier/ Reader, which includes all the great features of ZoomText Magnifier, and will additionally read aloud any text on your computer screen. ZoomText allows for great productivity and supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2017 operating systems as well as the latest versions of popular applications.

Key Features:

  • xFont magnification
  • Flexible magnification up to 60x
  • Support for touch screen devices
  • Enhanced screen colours
  • Visible pointers and cursors
  • Smooth navigation
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Windows login support
  • New Smart Invert
  • Quick access bar docked to screen automatically when ZoomText is launched
  • Voice Assistant
  • Sound splitter
  • Support Windows 11 and 10

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader offers in addition:

  • Complete screen reading with Vocalizer Expressive voices
  • Automatic document reading with AppReader
  • Background Reader
  • ZoomText Recorder
  • SpeakIt tool
  • Mouse and typing echo

Licensing options:

  • Single-user licences
  • Multi-user licences
  • Educational licences
  • Network licences