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Orbit Reader 20 Plus – Language configuration

To check and confirm the correct languages are configured in each profile:

  1. Open the menu with SELECT+UpArrow
  2. Scroll down to Profile 1 with the down arrow and press the right arrow once to display the system language
  3. SYS LAN should be on UEBg1
  4. Press the right arrow once more and RW LAN will be displayed
  5. RW LAN should be on UEBg1
  6. Once confirmed press dot 7 to go back to Profile 1
  7. Scroll down to Profile 2 and repeat the previous steps


Profiles should be setup to reflect the following sequence:

  1. Profile 1: UEBg1 in both SYS LAN and RW LAN
  2. Profile 2: EngG2 both in SYS LAN and RW LAN
  3. Profile 3: Computer braille in SYS LAN and BRF in RW LAN
  4. Profile 4: EngG1 in SYS LAN and Af2 in RW LAN