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How to adjust the sheet feeder on your Everest-D

  1. Open the sheet feeder by releasing the sheet feeder lock and place a paper stack in the sheet feeder towards the right margin guide. If the paper is slightly bended, place it with the bend against the front side of the embosser.
  2. Close the sheet feeder. Adjust left and right card/sheet selectors for best pick-up function.
    a. Have both right and left card/sheet selectors in bottom position, test by feeding a few papers.
    b. If double-feed happens move both sheet/card selectors 2 steps up and try again.
    c. If no-feed happens move both sheet/card selectors 2 steps down and try again.
    d. Test the sheet feeder function by a full and by a almost empty sheet feeder.

You can test the sheet feeder without printing, simply by pressing the Feed button on the printer.