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Changing Typing Echo Options

This option allows you to control the information echoed when typing, permanently or temporarily.

How to Permanently Set the Typing Echo

  1. Press INSERT+J and then do one of the following to open the StartUp Wizard dialog box,
  • If the JAWS application window appears, press ALT+H, followed by the letter Z or select the Help menu and select StartUp Wizard in this menu
  • If the JAWS context menu appears, press the letter H and then the letter Z or click Help and then click StartUp Wizard
  1. The Speech Settings window appears and your focus is placed on the Speech Rate scroll bar.
  2. Press the TAB key twice to move to the option, Typing Echo and use the arrow keys to make your selection from one of the following four radio buttons:
  • Off: Select this option if you do not wish to hear typing echoed.
  • Characters: Each character you type is echoed. This is the default setting.
  • Words: Each word you type is echoed after pressing SPACEBAR or ENTER.
  • Characters and Words: Characters are echoed as you type them and words are echoed after you press SPACEBAR or ENTER.
  1. Press the ENTER key 5 times to save your changes and close the StartUp Wizard dialog box

To Temporarily Adjust the Typing Echo

Press INSERT+2 (above the letter W) to cycle between the Typing Echo options. The last item spoken will be the active setting.

Note: The temporary changes will revert to the default once focus is moved away from the current window.