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Enabling File Extensions

This feature allows JAWS to read the file extension to help you identified the type of file an item is when focused on it, for example, .doc would refer to a Word document, .xls would refer to an Excel workbook, .mp3 would refer to a music type file. As file extensions are hidden by default, the following steps will guide you in enabling this feature.

  1. Press WINDOWS KEY+E to launch the Windows Explorer window or open My Documents
  2. Press ALT+T for the tools menu and then press the letter O to bring up the folder Options dialog
  3. This is a multi-page dialog and your focus is on the General page so press CTRL+TAB to move to the View page
  4. Press the TAB key till you reach a tree view and then press the letter H three times and you should be on the option that reads, “Hide extensions for known file types”
  5. Press the SPACEBAR to turn this feature off
  6. Press ENTER, you will be presented with a message box prompting you if you would like this change to apply to all folders, simply press ENTER or SPACEBAR as your focus is on the yes button
  7. Press TAB till you reach the OK button and press ENTER or the SPACEBAR to save changes and close the dialog box