Travelling on the Gautrain just got more enjoyable…

Sensory PBR - Sensory Solutions

I’m sure that there have been moments in your life where you felt like you were wasting valuable time when sitting on a bus, taxi, car or plane and having nothing to do or that you could have used the time to study for a test or exam that was coming up or to listen to an audio narrated book or perhaps your favourite music tracks and to carry a laptop would just be too cumbersome…

This is the exact feeling I have been experiencing on my daily commute on the Gautrain. I spend on average about 4 hours a day travelling and now with the Sensory PBR, I am using my time a bit more productively and actually looking forward to those long trips. With its easy to use interface and physical design fitting comfortably in my pocket, the Sensory PBR makes an awesome, informative and entertaining companion. Being able to listen to audio narrated books by my favourite authors, then quickly switching to a music file or diving into an e-book I hadn’t completed, is quite seamless on this nifty little device. Also being able to insert bookmarks whenever and wherever I choose means I will never lose my place. Just the other day I had met an old friend and due to his stop approaching, we were not able to catch up much so I quickly switched over to the recording option on the Sensory PBR and in a few seconds had captured his contact details. It’s going to be really nice to go down memory lane chatting about some of the antics we got down to during our teens.

Life is a journey and I definitely want to enjoy mine…

Mukthar Khan
Blind Assistive Technology Specialist

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