Orbit Reader 20 Specifications

Orbit Reader 20 - refreshable braille display

Recently we announced the availability of the Orbit Reader 20. This week we’d like to share with you the outstanding features of this device. If you’d like to evaluate the device, please contact us on the details provided below. Orbit Reader 20 – unbeatable value for simple and reliable electronic braille tasks.

Orbit Reader 20 Specifications

  • Braille display, braille reader and note-taker
  • 20 refreshable braille cells
  • 8-dot cells for computer braille, blinking editor cursor and text attributes
  • Fast 300ms braille refresh rate
  • Arrow keys for easy text navigation and editing
  • File formats TXT, BRF and BRL in stand-alone mode
  • Language independent, TXT files displayed in Grade 1 computer braille
  • Pre-translated Grade 2 files supported, free apps available
  • Navigation by word, paragraph, page, bookmark and power move
  • Easier reading experience using split words, wrapping and compress spaces options
  • Text editing functions – cut, copy, paste, insert and delete
  • File management, nested folders, file properties, sorting options, cut, copy, paste, delete, rename and no file size limitation
  • USB and Bluetooth support, compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth auto switching, up to 4 devices connected

3 days typical use on battery, standard USB cable and charger

Sensory Solutions is proud to be an official distributor of the Orbit Reader 20 – contact us for more information, to arrange a demonstration and to place your order.

Pretoria 012 664 7704 | Cape Town 021 975 3558 | info@sensorysolutions.co.za


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  1. Mario Reply

    I have heard about the amazing braille display called the Orbit Reader and have read and spoken to others about it, but today reading your reviews on the Orbit Reader, so much more needed detail was given than that which I have heard or read about before. I will definitely call in for more information. Thank you.

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