The TOPAZ XL HD is designed to bring the low vision user the utmost in efficiency when working with printed documents and a computer.

This unit is simple to use, yet packed with features. Just flip the switch to turn on the TOPAZ XL HD. The three dials are all you need for your basic video magnification functions – change magnification, enhance colour modes and adjust brightness.

Connect your PC with USB and the optional GEM software and save images from the TOPAZ XL HD, plus work in split screen mode to view the computer screen and camera image simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Magnification up to 66 times
  • Available in 22” and 24” LCD
  • Autofocus camera
  • 33 screen colour modes including high-contrast full colour, true colour and greyscale
  • Extra-wide reading table
  • Over 20 cm of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Connect your PC to the VGA input and use the TOPAZ XL as your computer monitor and switch between camera and computer view with the push of a button
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal reading lines and masks
  • Position locator to easily write and place items in the centre of camera
  • 3 year warranty


Download TOPAZ XL HD brochure


Download TOPAZ XL HD user guide



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