Compact 8

The Compact 8 is a portable, 8” touchscreen magnifier with fantastic features that brilliantly magnifies documents and objects. It features innovative contrast enhancements for vibrant images and clearer, sharper text.

With a built-in stand, the Compact 8 can easily be positioned at a comfortable angle. The live panning feature enables the user to easily zoom in and out and swipe in all directions without physically moving the device.

The Compact 8 is designed for comfort, simplicity, and versatility. With two high-definition cameras, it can magnify up close as well as at a short distance. The large screen allows you to fit more text on the screen for maximum overview.

Key Features:

  • Magnification up to 30x
  • 8” touchscreen – large field of view
  • Vibrant, high-definition image quality
  • Portable, low-profile design
  • Built-in stand
  • Live image panning—zoom in and out and swipe in all directions
  • Line markers and masking features for focused reading
  • Advanced features for color blindness
  • Two HD cameras for document and distance viewing
  • Rechargeable battery 3.2 h continuous use

What's In The Box

  • Compact 8 portable magnifier
  • Carrying case
  • Universal power adapter
  • USB-C to USB-A power cable
  • Lens cloth


Download Compact 8 user guide



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