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How to care for your Orbit Reader

The Orbit Reader is an electronic and mechanical device of high precision. For years of trouble-free service, please consider the following.

Charging the Device
To charge the device, use the Standard-A to Micro-B USB cable and the power plug provided with the unit. Insert the small end of the cable into the Orbit Reader 20’s USB port with the bumps facing down. It should slide in without resistance, do not force it. Now insert the large end of the cable into a computer USB connector or the AC adapter provided.

Inserting the SD Card
To insert the SD card, find the large slot at the back. Position the SD card with the teeth facing down. Now insert the short side with teeth into the device. The card slot works like a toaster, gently push the SD card in until you hear a click. To remove the card, press it ‘in’ a little until it pops out and then gently remove it.

Using the Device
Keep the unit clean and free of dust and dirt. When not in use, best is to keep it in its carry pouch. As one reads braille, dirty or greasy fingers will cause sticky pins over time, possibly preventing dots to show up or retract. Clean hands at all time is highly recommended.

General Maintenance
Keep away from wet areas, rain and any liquid. Do not bump or drop the device. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe your device. If you experience sticky or faulty pins, contact us for further advice on test mode and cleaning of the pins.