Free update for ZoomText 10.1 available


A free update for ZoomText 10.1, version 10.11.8, is now available. This update provides support for installing and running ZoomText 10.1 in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Note: This fix requires that your installation of Windows 10 Creator Update has received the 1704D service update (from Microsoft), which is scheduled for release this month of May 2017. This ZoomText 10.11.8 update also provides the following fixes:
• ZoomText’s preference settings are preserved when reinstalling ZoomText over an existing installation.
• Fixes crashes that occurred in various applications when StormShield antiviral software was active.
• Fixes incorrect reporting of the active tab in Internet Explorer 11 when using ZoomText scripting.
• Fix for keyboard and mouse events appearing out of sync after exiting ZoomText
• Added a program preference setting that unloads the “Ai Squared Magnification” service when exiting.

To get the 10.11.8 update, go to the ZoomText 10.1 toolbar and choose Help > Check for Updates. This will launch the update wizard and walk you through the installation. If you prefer, you can also download the full ZoomText 10.11.8 installer from the product updates page: Be sure to download the installer that matches your license type.

3 thoughts on “Free update for ZoomText 10.1 available

  1. Theresa Richardson Reply

    I am wondering if there are updates available for Zoomtext 10 using Windows 7

    • Sensory Solutions Post authorReply

      The last update for ZoomText v10.1 was released in October 2017 (v10.11.10). After v10.1, ZoomText released 3 version upgrades – v11, v2018 and the current v2019, all of each usually receiving free updates for at least one year. For compatibility with latest Windows, MS Office and internet browsers, you will have to upgrade your old ZoomText at some point. ZoomText v10.1 is no longer developed by the manufacturer. You are welcome to contact us directly for advice on

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