Focus 14 Blue Generation 5 Braille Display Released

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Freedom Scientific introduced the Focus 14 Blue Generation 5 Braille Display designed to be extra rugged to meet the needs of today’s active portable user.

Built with an aluminum extrusion on a steel base, the housing of the Focus 14 Blue is stronger than ever before. This eliminates any torsion that could be transmitted to the Braille cells, or other internal components. The housing also incorporates bumpers that deform to absorb shock when the unit is dropped on its end or accidentally knocked against a wall or door.

For added protection, the convenient carrying case lets you use your Braille display on the go, without removing it.

Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity lets you switch seamlessly between up to 5 Bluetooth devices. The USB 3.1c micro connector significantly increases the ease of physical connection – it’s always right-side-up. For durability, the USB connector has been engineered to “float”, so it is virtually impossible to break.

Durability, comfort, and convenience make the Focus 14 Blue the perfect companion for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Focus 14 Blue Generation 5

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