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How to braille a document using Duxbury

  1. Create a document using MS Word and save it to the PC with the embosser connected to it
  2. Open Duxbury (DBT 12.x)
  3. In Duxbury go to the FILE menu and select OPEN (CTRL+O)
  4. In the “Select document file…” dialog box navigate to the file you want to emboss and click on the OPEN button
  5. In the “Import File” dialog box, choose the correct template to use (likely English UEB Basic), the Import Filter should be selected correctly according to the type of document that will be opened. Click on the OK button to open the document in Duxbury
  6. To translate to braille, go to the FILE menu and choose TRANSLATE (CTRL+T)
  7. To emboss the translated document, go to the FILE menu and choose EMBOSS (CTRL+E)
  8. In the “File: Emboss” dialog box choose the number of copies and in the Page range, choose either all pages or make a selection of braille pages to emboss
  9. Make sure the embosser is online and the paper is loaded correctly, and then click on the OK button