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Cleaning the Focus Braille Display

It is not necessary to clean your Focus braille display on a set schedule. Rather, the frequency of cleaning the display will depend upon factors such as the cleanliness of the hands, the oiliness and/or sweatiness of the hands and the amount of moisture, dust, and other particulates in your current environment.

Based on these considerations, Vispero recommends the following:

  • Avoid using your braille display after eating or handling items which have soiled your hands or left powder or other debris on your fingers without first washing and thoroughly drying your hands.
  • Avoid applying hand lotions such as skin moisturizers or hand sanitizers/cleansers prior to using your braille display. These products can cause dirt and other contaminants to stick to your fingers and transferred to your braille display. Also, lotions and creams can themselves be transferred to the braille dots and surface of your display, thereby soiling it directly or attracting other contaminants.
  • If sticking braille dots should occur, please do not insert small, pointed objects (i.e., pins, pen tips, etc.) into the braille dot holes to free the sticking braille dots. This is likely to cause damage to your braille display that is not covered under your Vispero product warranty.

Download the Full Cleaning Instructions