Internet Explorer Core Skills using JAWS

Internet Explorer Core Skills using JAWS

Internet Explorer Core Skills using JAWS training is a 2-day training course to teach you how to use Internet Explorer with JAWS.

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Lesson 1: The Basics

  • Web Browsers
  • Website Address
  • Address Bar
  • Status Bar


Lesson 2: Navigating Web Pages

  • Reading Text
  • Hyperlinks
  • Skip to Main Content Links
  • Lists
  • Headings
  • Images


Lesson 3: Temporary versus Permanent Changes

  • Adjust JAWS Options Dialog Box
  • Documentation for the Adjust JAWS Options Dialog Box
  • Temporary Changes that Revert back when you Move between Programs
  • Temporary Changes that remain in Effect until JAWS Closes
  • Permanent Changes that Remain in Effect until you Change them again at some other  Time
  • Permanent Changes for JAWS
  • Location of JAWS Settings Files
  • Personalized Web Page Settings


Lesson 4: Tables

  • Reading Table Information
  • Document Presentation Mode
  • Copying and Pasting Table Information


Lesson 5: Forms

  • Moving Through Forms
  • Auto Forms Mode and Form Controls with JAWS 10 or Higher
  • Keyboard Navigation within Forms
  • Options for Auto Forms Mode
  • Form Control Prompts
  • List of Virtual HTML Features


Lesson 6: JAWS Miscellaneous Options

  • Languages
  • On Mouse Overs
  • Dealing with Difficult Pages
  • Using the JAWS Find Command
  • Placemarkers and the Custom Page Summary
  • Speech and Sound Schemes
  • Custom Labels
  • Skim Reading


Lesson 7: Search Engines

  • What are Search Engines?
  • How to Search using Google
  • Breakdown of Search Results


Lesson 8: Internet Explorer Options

  • Setting a Home Page
  • Favourites
  • Import/Export Bookmarks
  • Tab Browsing in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Aria Live Regions
  • Aria Live Regions, Atomic
  • Frames
  • Using HTML Help Systems