MS Excel 2010 Core Skills using JAWS

MS Excel 2010 Core Skills using JAWS

MS Excel 2010 Core Skills using JAWS training is a 2-day training course to teach you how to use MS Excel with JAWS.

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Lesson 1: The Basics

  • Understand and Use Common Windows Elements
  • Launch Excel
  • Recognize Excel Screen Elements
  • Work with Ribbons
  • Get Help


Lesson 2: Working in Excel

  • About Excel
  • Explore the User Interface
  • Navigating in Excel
  • Using the Go To Command
  • Different Types of Data
  • Enter Data and Save a Workbook
  • Define Column and Row Titles
  • Selecting in Excel


Lesson 3: Performing Calculations on Data

  • Create Basic Formulas
  • Calculate with Functions
  • Copy Formulas and Functions
  • Correcting Errors in Calculations
  • Naming Groups of Data


Lesson 4: Modifying a Worksheet

  • Insert and Delete Celles, Rows and Columns
  • Column Width and Row Height
  • Merging Cells
  • Text Wrapping
  • Defining Monitor Cells
  • Insert, Edit and Delete Comments
  • Spellcheck a Worksheet
  • Search for Data in a Worksheet


Lesson 5: Manage Worksheets in a Workbook

  • Renaming a Worksheet
  • Insert or Delete a Worksheet
  • Move or Copy a Worksheet


Lesson 6: Change Document Appearance

  • Changing the Appearance of Data
  • Add Borders and Colours to Cells
  • Applying an Existing Format to Data
  • Applying Number Formats
  • Position Cell Contents
  • Format as Table
  • Applying Styles


Lesson 7: Printing Workbook Contents

  • Making Printouts Easier to Follow Using Headers and Footers
  • Printing Using Default Print Options
  • Page Layout


Lesson 8: Working with Data

  • Sorting Data
  • Limiting the Data That Appears on the Screen using Filters
  • Working with Drop Down Lists and Combo Boxes