JAWS Basics with Windows 7 Training

JAWS Basics with Windows 7 Training

JAWS Basics with Windows 7 training is a 3-day training course to teach you Windows 7 and JAWS Basics.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers and Windows

  •  Overview and Use of Computers
  •  Explaining Computer components
  •  Explaining Windows


Lesson 2: Introduction to Jaws and Basic Window Structure

  •  What is Jaws
  •  Starting and Quitting Jaws
  •  Explaining Jaws Tutor messages and
  •  Access Keys
  •  Explaining Typical Application structure
  •  Explaining Menus and Ribbons
  •  Explaining Dialog boxes


Lesson 3: The Desktop and Start Menu

  •  Desktop List View
  •  Start button
  •  Taskbar
  •  System Tray
  •  Exploring the Start Menu
  •  The Search Box
  •  Recently Opened Programs and Files
  •  Shut Down Options
  •  The All Programs sub menu
  •  The Run Dialog
  •  Volume Control
  •  Creating an Application shortcut on the desktop
  •  Create Keyboard Shortcuts to Open Programs
  •  The My Documents Folder
  •  Navigating between Open Windows


Lesson 4: File management using Windows Explorer

  •  Customizing Windows Explorer
  •  Selecting Items (contiguously and non-contiguously)
  •  Creating a New Folder
  •  Organizing Files and Folders (Copy, Move and Paste)
  •  Refresh Windows Explorer
  •  Searching for Files or Folders
  •  Renaming Files or folders
  •  Deleting Files or Folders
  •  Recycle Bin
  •  Sending Files or Folders to the USB memory stick


Lesson 5: The Control Panel

  •  Action Centre
  •  Date/Time
  •  Personalization
  •  Computer Sounds
  •  Programs and Features
  •  Devices and Printers
  •  Clear Lists on the Start Menu and Taskbar
  •  System Properties
  •  Windows Update


Lesson 6: Jaws Program Group

  •  Explore Jaws
  •  Dongle Viewer
  •  ILM Authorization Viewer
  •  Remove Product Activation
  •  Uninstalling JAWS