Braille Sense Polaris

The Braille Sense Polaris offers a new standard in blind-friendly applications with the latest in cutting edge technology. It features the traditional computer interface that has contributed to the popularity of other Braille Sense models.

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Braille Sense Polaris supports Google Apps, making it easy to utilize Google services like Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides as millions of professionals and students do everyday.




The Android platform on the Polaris provides an avenue to download and install a multitude of 3rd party applications available on the Google Play Store.

Designed for the Classroom

Its sleek and slim design that, even when put into its supplied case, is sturdy and well built. This does not make the unit overly bulky, allowing students to carry it around with them when moving from class to class. One of the major highlights of the Braille Sense Polaris is that when connected to an HDMI monitor, it provides a truly functional visual interface that allows a sighted teacher or parent to see exactly what’s going on with the device on-screen. A qwerty keyboard or a mouse can also be connected to the Polaris making it easier for a teacher or parent to interact with the device when assisting the student or user in making corrections or changes to documents. With its ability to open more than one document at a time, a student will be able to open their text book and then another blank document which they can make notes for themselves in and easily switch back to the text book when the teacher is making reference to specific text.


Connect the Braille Sense Polaris to an HDMI compatible large screen or projector and deliver a Powerpoint Presentation to your sighted peers while you interact with the Polaris either through speech or braille. Install a number of dictionaries available on the Google Play Store to assist with accuracy as well as assisting you in choosing the most appropriate words for your document.

The Polaris embodies very respectable hardware specifications and coupled with the Android operating system, will definitely keep this device relevant for the foreseeable future.

Size                       144 x 245 x 10 mm/5.66 x 9.66 x 0.39 in

Weight                  0,75kg/1.65 lbs