Renz SPB 360 Comfortplus Spiral Binder

Electrical punch with electrical spiral inserting unit, integrated spiral cutting and crimping unit. The spirals are easily inserted into the pre-punched book by means of an electrical drive.

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More details

The integrated spiral cutting and crimping unit perfectly cuts and crimps the plastic spiral ends. Metal spirals can be cut, using a SC-pliers.

Technical Data

Working width:  max. 360 mm
Punching thickness:  max. 2 mm /20 sheets (70/80 gr./m² paper)
Book thickness:  max. 17 mm / 170 sheets (70/80 gr./m² paper)
Disengageable punching pins:  for formats A4 and A5
Pitch:  6 mm or 6,2865 mm
Spirals:  for plastic and wire spirals
Machine Length x Width x Height:  44 x 49 x 25 cm
Packing Length x Width x Height:  box / 63 x 60 x 34 cm
Weight net / gross:  32 kg / 36 kg
Power supply:  230V / 50Hz / 90W
International voltages:  all local voltages available on demand

spirals available

Binding Spirals 6mm White (100 per pack) (Max 10 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 8mm White (100 per pack) (Max 15 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 10mm White (100 per pack) (Max 20 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 12mm White (100 per pack) (Max 25 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 14mm White (100 per pack) (Max 30 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 16mm White (100 per pack) (Max 35 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 18mm White (100 per pack) (Max 40 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 20mm White (50 per pack) (Max 45 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 23mm White (50 per pack) (Max 51 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 25mm White (50 per pack) (Max 56 Sheets)
Binding Spirals 28mm White (50 per pack) (Max 70 Sheets)